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Terms of use
When you visit (hereinafter named "the Site"), certain information about your computer is collected. This declaration specifies precisely which information is collected and how this information is then processed.
Note that none of this information includes data about you, your physical location or how you use the internet
  1. Why collect data?
    When you use this site, we collect data about your computer in order to help resolve any problems you may have using the BEC Netbank.
    This data is used by BEC support staff not only as an aid when providing telephone support, but also to help us improve the site and track any misuse of the site.
  2. What data is collected?
    We collect the following data: Browser version, operating system, Java version, date preferences, IP address, Adobe Reader version, encryption level, screen resolution, information on cookie handling and information about any toolbars you may have installed.
  3. How is the data collected?
    We collect almost all of the data from your browser’s user-agent string.
    The user-agent string is a string of data that is sent from your browser to all the internet sites you visit.
    Date preferences, Adobe Reader version, screen resolution and cookie handling are detected using JavaScript.
    The Java version is detected using a Java applet
    Encryption level and IP address are returned via a server request.
  4. How is the data stored?
    The data is stored securely and will never be passed on to third parties.
    The data is stored for up to five years and is used for statistical purposes and to help us optimise the site.